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wanda |
this work is really stepping into
another world of reality. i knew
you were "out there" but my gosh
goddess friend, this is really amazing.
congratulations. keep the spirals
coming. :)
Wednesday February 14 2007 - indialantic

Daneel |
Great to know that not all other web artists are as young as me! You've got a fantastic website really well worth looking at.
Tuesday February 6 2007 - Essex, UK

Suzie |
Well! This is awesome Sharron! Holy Cow, what a great site with tons of information and just the most MindWalking art ever! I even recognized my journals you have made for me! Terrific HOney. This site is S W E E T!!!!

Just like you!
Saturday July 22 2006 - Within the Manifestation Triangle

David Henderson |
I was going to reply in the Coffee Cup Forum, but thought this a better place, because I would not be able to answer any of your questions, The Website looks good to me though.
Constant change is here to stay!

Wednesday March 15 2006 - S Warwicks England

Victoria | |
Hi there! I followed your link from ATCards; just joined up over there and have only been involved in Mail Art in general for a few is it ever fun. And your website is easily navigable, intriguing, great layout, informative - nice job!! I am having a blast checking it all out! I know about the learning curve thing...ultimately it's fun but it can be very frustrating. Look forward to perusing more on your site.
Saturday February 4 2006 - Eugene, Oregon, USA

Sandra D. |
Great website! I really enjoyed reading your blog and viewing the ATC's. I just wish my Mom had some of your spirit - she still says "I hate dot com on everything" even though my Dad is making a valiant attempt at doing some searches on the net. They are in their 70's.
Saturday January 7 2006 - Oregon, USA

Avie | |
Great website, LOVE your artwork!
Thursday August 25 2005 - Kentucky, USA

joann |
glad you are doing something in your retiremen
Thursday May 5 2005

Bev Ross |
I had a lovely time wandering around your domain. Great art, Sharron, very creative.
Thursday May 5 2005

You're just amazing! Great site.
You go, Sharron!!!!!
Wednesday May 4 2005

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